Contact persons

You can address your questions to experts of our company:

  • Operation of the Company, Joint Business Development

    Mr. Vadim MOROZOV

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Distribution policy

    Mr. Valentine STEPANOV

    Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

  • Corporate strategy and financial management

    Mrs. Evgenia SUKHARKOVA

    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Administrating and coordination of interaction between IT-department and logistics

    Mr. Stanislav SARYCHEV

    Executive director (ED)

  • Development of cooperation in Southeast Asia

    Mr. Alexander RYSKIN

    General Representative for Southeast Asia

  • Export

    Mrs. Elena GORBUNOVA

    Head of Export Department

  • Operative sales management

    Mr. Yuri USTIMOV

    Head of Sales Department

  • Marketing and Education

    Mr. Dmitrii SOLOVIEV

    Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

  • Advertising and PR

    Ms. Anastasia SVECHKAREVA

    PR Director

  • Operative sales management

    Mrs. Dinara BUDKINA

    Chief Account Officer (CAO)

  • Products delivery

    Mr. Alexey LOGISH

    Head of Logistics Department

  • Customer service

    Mrs. Tatyana KONDRATOVA

    Head of Customer service

  • IT support and developing

    Mr. Yuri Belenky

    Chief Information Officer (CIO)

  • Manufacturing and technology development

    Mr. Ivan BORZOV

    Chief product Officer (CPO)

  • Warehouse complex and developing of WMS-system

    Mr. Dmitrii CHEMODUROV

    Warehouse Director

  • Legal support

    Mrs. Polina KASATKOVA


  • HR-department

    Mrs. Elena GRACHEVA

    Chief Human resources Officer (CHRO)

  • Corporate Projects

    Mrs. Tatiana TARANKOVA

    Project manager